MARL Feedback Needed


Invitation to Provide Feedback to NN/LM Middle Atlantic Region

MARL wants all network members to provide feedback about the strengths of their program and future directions they should take.  Our feedback will help MARL prepare for an upcoming site review from NLM on November 19, 2013.

The goal of the site review is to:

  • help NN/LM MAR and NLM understand how the RML is serving its network membership
  • learn how NN/LM MAR can strengthen its program to meet current and emerging needs in the region, and
  • gather ideas for how NLM can support the national network

To provide feedback, please click on the link below.  You can answer as many questions as you want and/or provide other comments:  The survey will be available through October 18, 2013.

We’d also like you to share any stories that will help MARL & NLM determine the best way to support all of us in the future. If you have received assistance from MARL since it’s been at the University of Pittsburgh, please share that experience with the Chapter here. And any ideas you have about how they can serve your library in the next few years would be wonderful too! Just click the Comments icon below this post, put in your name (username field) and email address, and share your stories or ideas with the Chapter and MARL.

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2 comments on “MARL Feedback Needed”

  1. Admins

    Please leave a reply here about whatever difference MARL programs or grants have made, or could make for your library.

  2. mtehrani

    Last summer (2013) we received the Outreach to Consumers Express Awards from NN/LM-MAR, and we were able to create a consumer health learning center for our Parkinson’s Disease patients. In order to educate the patients and their caregivers to access reliable information and resources, we created a Libguide that was introduced to the patients and their caregivers – either by a one-to-one training session or group meetings – through collaboration with PT and OT departments. The lab and librarian’s assistance is still available to new patients and their caregivers.
    We are thankful to MARL for their support.

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