Bylaws Change – July 2016

Bylaws Change to be Voted on next Month

Our Chapter Election was delayed because we were not in compliance with the bylaws, and our chapter bylaws sections regarding voting for officers and board members differed from MLA’s bylaws. Here is a posting by the Bylaws Chair about amendments needed:

Before we can vote on a slate of officers we must amend Article 5. Section 3 of our current bylaws to be in compliance with National MLA Bylaws. The proposed amendment is below and must be available to the membership for the next thirty (30) days before we can vote. The amendment will also be posted on the chapter website. After the 30 days, a link to Survey Monkey will be sent for you to cast your vote. If the vote to amend the bylaws passes, the slate of officers will then be put forth by the Nominating Committee for a vote.

Joanne Jahr
Bylaws Chair

The proposed amended bylaws are:

Article 5: Officers. Section 3. Nominations and Elections

A. The Nominating Committee shall prepare annually a slate of at least one, but more are preferred, nominee(s) for Chair-Elect and for each elective officer whose term expires. Provisions may also be made for other forms of nomination, such as by petition.

B. Ballots shall be distributed to the voting membership by the Nominating Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the Chapter’s Annual Meeting and shall be received by the Chapter Nominating Committee by the date previously announced for counting ballots. Candidates shall be declared elected upon receiving a majority of the votes cast. Where there are more than two candidates, a plurality shall elect. This deadline shall be prior to the last Chapter business meeting of the fiscal year and shall conform to the required date for submittal of results to MLA headquarters.

C. The Nominating Committee shall present a written report of the election results to the Chapter Chair. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall report the names of the candidates elected, but not the tallies. The Nominating Committee Chair shall likewise inform the Chapter Secretary and Web Page Chair of the election results, again, without including the tallies.  The elected slate of officers shall be posted on communication vehicles commonly in use by the Chapter.

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