2017 Election Results

At the end of our great Annual Meeting held on October 17, the results of our election were announced. Here are the new members elected to office for 2017:

Chair Elect:

  • Chris Duffy, christopher.duffy1@shu.edu

Executive Board Members (2017-2019):

  • Arpita Bose, arb9027@nyp.org
  • Judy Stribling, jcs2002@med.cornell.edu

Nominating Committee (2017-2019)

  • Timothy Roberts, timothy.roberts@med.nyu.edu
  • Konstantina Matsoukas, matsoukk@mskcc.org
  • Eleanor Silverman, esilverman@hotmail.com

Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee (2018-2019)

  • Carlita Anglin, lita.anglin@nyumc.org

Their terms begin immediately. To see all the current office holders and committee chairs, go to the Committee & Board Officers page:

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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