Committee Descriptions

Below you will find a list of the committees with brief descriptions of their functions. The current Nominating Committee members and terms are also included because they are elected to the committee. All other committees are staffed by volunteers. Most committee work is done via email, web meetings and phone. Committees may try to meet face-to-face once during the year.  To volunteer for a committee, please send an email with your name, institution, telephone, e-mail address, and 1-3 committee choices to the current Chapter chair, or contact the Committee Chairs directly.


The Advocacy Committee monitors the progress and development of all legislative activities on the national and state levels that may affect, directly or indirectly, health care information and education, health sciences libraries and librarians, and the public they serve.

The Archives Committee upgrades and organizes the archival collection. It collects data (including photographs) concerning the organization from all officers, committee chair, and other relevant sources. A certified archivist is the consultant for the committee.

The Bylaws Committee updates and interprets the chapter bylaws to ensure the continued governance of the New York-New Jersey Chapter of the Medical Library Association, Inc.

CONTINUING EDUCATION (see Programming & Professional Development)

The Fiscal Policy Committee meets at least once a year to examine all current revenue sources and expenditures, and to formulate fiscal policy plans for the chapter. This committee is charged with researching revenue-producing activities of other MLA and SLA chapters, and with studying investment policies and current sources of revenue for the chapter.

The Government Relations Committee keeps members informed about library-related issues at the city and state governments.

The Listserv Committee maintains the listserv used to inform the membership and potential members of the activities of the chapter. The listserv is an official vehicle for chapter communication, along with the newsletter and web site.


The Newsletter Committee prepares and issues the New York – New Jersey MLA Chapter Newsletter, which informs the membership of the activities of the chapter and the Medical Library Association. The newsletter is a current awareness publication issued four times in a calendar year and it is the chapter’s official vehicle for communication. It is an archival record of chapter meetings and activities, activities of members and standing committees, and items of interest with regard to health sciences librarianship. The newsletter also enables members to share views and ideas and to report on research activities. Revenue for the chapter is provided through newsletter advertisements.

The Nominating Committee selects nominees for offices of the chapter as outlined in the chapter bylaws. In consists of five (5) members with overlapping terms


  • Allison Piazza
  • Lindsay Boyce
  • Leanna Stager


  • Victoria Wagner
  • Karen Yacobucci

PROGRAMMING/CE DOCUMENTATION TASK FORCE (see Continuing Education & Professional Development)

The Professional Development Committee plans a roster of educational events to help chapter members, health sciences librarians and information professionals keep abreast of new developments in their field and related subject fields.

The NY-NJ Chapter recognizes chapter members who have made outstanding contributions to the chapter. The Professional Recognition Committee makes recommendations for these awards to the executive board. The awards are given at the chapter’s annual meeting. The chapter also provides modest support for research projects conducted by chapter members. This committee reviews and makes recommendations on grant applications.

The Program Committee arranges at least one meeting each year, in the Fall, and any other meeting(s) deemed desirable.

The Recruitment Committee has four principle roles: Maintenance of membership records; Directory production and distribution; Recruitment of new members; and Printing labels to announce chapter functions.

The Web Site Committee maintains a web site informing the membership and potential members of the activities of the New York-New Jersey Chapter of the Medical Library Association. The web site is one official vehicle for chapter communication, along with the newsletter and listserv.

Last updated 11/9/20