MLA Awards to NY-NJ Chapter Members

Marcia C. Noyes Award:
Alfred N. Brandon, 1977
Ursula Poland, 1986
Erich Meyerhoff, 1997

Janet Doe Lectureship:
Alfred N. Brandon, 1969
Erich Meyerhoff, 1977
Ursula Poland, 1984
Rachael K. Anderson, 1989
Robert M. Braude, Ph.D., 1996

Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development:
Dorothy R. Hill, 1988
Alfred N. Brandon, posthumously, 1997
Grey Literature Report, New York Academy of Medicine, 2008

Award for Excellence and Achievement in Hospital Librarianship:
Kathleen Moeller, 1987

Estelle Brodman Award for the Academic Medical Librarian of the Year:
Carolyn Anne Reid, 1992
Diana Delgado, 2017

Ida and George Eliot Prize:
Judith Topper, 1981
Robert M. Braude, Ph.D., 1977

Fellows of the MLA from NY-NJ Chapter
Rachael K. Anderson, 1995
Robert M. Braude, Ph.D., 1995
Karen Brewer, Ph.D., 2006
Estelle Brodman, Ph.D., 1981
Gilbert J. Clausman, 1987
Mark E. Funk, 2010
Patricia E. Gallagher, 2019
Cecile E. Kramer, 1993
Erich Meyerhoff, 1985
Jean K. Miller, 1991
Jacqueline L. Picciano, 1996
Ursula H. Poland, 1987
Madeline V. Taylor, 1994
Judith M. Topper, 1993