Chapter Awards

Majors/MLA Chapter Project of Year Awards:

2008: Digitization of Chapter Photographic Archives

From the MLA Press Release, in April 2008:

The Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award is sponsored by the J.A. Majors Company and recognizes excellence, innovation, and contribution to the profession of health sciences librarianship. These attributes must be shown through special projects beyond the normal operational programming of a chapter.

The New York-New Jersey Chapter of MLA was selected to receive this award for their innovative project, “Digitization of Chapter Photographic Archives.” The chapter, which has always had a written history available on their website, documented their rich history via photography, creating a bridge between the generations and helping new chapter members gain a sense of the chapter’s tradition of fellowship, camaraderie, and professionalism.

2003: Mini-Medical School for Librarians

MLA made the following announcement in February 2003:

Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award:
New York-New Jersey Chapter of MLA for their innovative continuing education project for librarians at both the chapter and national level, “Mini-Medical School for Librarians.”

“Congratulations to Kathel Dunn, Suzanne Crow and the advisory board who worked very hard to bring honor and distinction to our Chapter. Tremendous Kudos go to Kathel and Suzanne and the advisory board!! ”
Richard Faraino, Chair, 2002-2003, (2/10/03)

What is the “Mini-Medical School for Librarians”?

The Continuing Education Committee of MLA, New York-New Jersey developed an exciting new program: the Mini-Medical School for Librarians.

The day-long session, designed specifically for librarians who work with health information, provided an introduction to the basics of clinical medicine. A variety of topics were addressed in 45-minute lectures given by health care professionals.

Program and Registration Form for April 19, 2002 session (PDF)