2020 Annual Meeting-Panelists

Beverly Murphy (she/her/hers) has been a librarian for 40 years and holds a BS in Biology and an MLS from North Carolina Central University. She is the Assistant Director, Communications and Web Content Management at the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives. She is also the Hospital Nursing Liaison for the Duke Health System and Liaison for the Watts College of Nursing. A Distinguished member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals, Beverly has served in several capacities for the Medical Library Association including service as the first African-American President. She is the co-editor of Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries: A Call to Action and Strategies for Success which was published in August 2019. Brenda Linares (she/her/hers) is the nursing librarian at the University of Kansas Medical Center’s Dykes Library. Serving as a medical librarian for 13 years, she has received grants to collaborate on projects to promote patient and health education. Her interests include outreach, consumer and patient education, instruction and technology, health literacy, evidence-based research, and diversity and inclusion. She has been involved with diversity and inclusion efforts both in professional organizations and at her institution. She co-authored a chapter in the book Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries, published in 2019. She holds a BS in Finance, an MLIS, and MBA. Gerald (Jerry) Perry (he/him/his) is Associate Dean for University of Arizona Libraries (UAL), and Director of University of Arizona Health Sciences Library (UAHSL). As Associate Dean, Jerry is a member of the leadership team providing oversight of UAL. As Director of UAHSL, Jerry provides leadership of that Library in the UAL system, which serves colleges of medicine, nursing, public health, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Jerry has been active in the Medical Library Association, serving as President (2011-2012), Janet Doe Lecturer (2019), Marcia C. Noyes Awardee (2020), and was named a Fellow in 2018.