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The Newsletter is published for the members of the New York-New Jersey Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Editor of this issue:

William Self, Medical Library Center of New York, 7 East 102nd St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10029, S-1, Phone: 212-427-1630, Fax: 212-860-3496, E-mail: wself@mlcny.org.

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Posted 3/15/2002
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Dallas, Texas, May 17-23, 2002
NY/NJ Chapter Spring Dinner

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April 4, 2002
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April 19, 2002

From the Editors

Welcome to the second issue of the online version of the New York-New Jersey Chapter Newsletter. As envisioned last year, we are heartened to see Chapter members take advantage of our new format and contribute articles.

In addition to providing local news and events, we are now proud to present regular columns and contributors:

  • Pat Gallagher and her mice rate another batch of net sites in Web Watch
  • Joanne Jahr discusses a new NN/LM venture in RML Update
  • Kathel Dunn will keep us up-to-date with what we need to read professionally In the Literature
  • Robert Joven briefs us on preparing for JCAHO in Hospital Library Notes
  • Nancy Glassmanís Technology Report enumerates computer security issues and their solutions
  • Kris Alpi gets biochemical in her Brave New World column

In addition to our regular contributors, this issue contains an special article submitted by Luda Dolinksy on mastering a webpage in a small hospital setting. And in our first "letter to the editor", Nancy Crossfield from St. Agnes Hospital, Fresno CA, offers a list of all MLA Chapter newsletter editors and their websites.

To Nancy's list we have added one item, namely, the new online newsletter of the Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter (UNYOC), edited by Sue Ben-Dor.

Comments, questions, and articles can be emailed.

See you at the Spring Dinner on April 4th!

Gail Hendler
William Self